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Facial Foaming Net

Facial Foaming Net


Facial Foaming Net

The ultimate necessary gadget for face cleansing! Can use with gel/milk/bar soap.

- Efficiently contains air and water for optimal soap lathering.
- Soap is not stored in a bag inside the foaming net to maintain cleanliness.
- Minimal deterioration due to quick foaming.
- Raw materials and processing are both sourced from Japan.
- Durable yet soft to the touch; no recycled plastic used to prevent harmful substance contamination.
- Foaming net thread has a triangular cross-section, enhancing friction for creamy foam with a finer texture.
- Mesh size optimized for the right amount of air intake.
- Urethane band used for the string stop to increase safety, avoiding injury from plastic cable tie protrusions.
- Material: Body - Polyester/Polyethylene; String - Acrylic
- Size: Width 180mm x Length 170mm (+String)


Made in Japan