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Kanro Gold Milk Candy Matcha 70g

Kanro Gold Milk Candy Matcha 70g


Kanro Gold Milk Candy Matcha 70g


High quality matcha milk candy that harmonizes the natural scent and soft sweetness of milk with Nishio's matcha. The secret is Kanro's unique formulation that is fragrance-free.
The original aroma and taste of milk, without adding any extra fragrance, has achieved a rich and refreshing taste.
A luxurious finish that uses plenty of cream from Hokkaido to achieve a rich flavor

Ingredients: Sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, dairy products, powdered whey, fresh cream, concentrated milk, protein-concentrated whey powder processed product, matcha green tea, whey powder, salt/sorbitol, glycerin, emulsifier


Best before: print on package

Made in Japan


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