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Lion Pair Acne Cream W 24G

Lion Pair Acne Cream W 24G


Lion Pair Acne Cream W 24G

"Lion Pair Acne Cream W" is a medicine that allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the affected area without opening it, and cures pimples and acne from the "source" using the W effect.
Ibuprofen piconol (IPPN): Suppresses the production of comedones (white acne) caused by acne bacteria, calms inflammation (red acne), and treats pimples and acne from the source.
Isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP): Kills bacteria such as acne bacteria that worsen symptoms and suppresses the progression of pimples and acne.
It's a cream that leaves your skin moist and transparent, so you can apply makeup over it and don't worry about it before or while going out.
It spreads easily on the affected area and is not sticky.
It is weakly acidic close to the skin.
A pleasant plant-based fragrance.


Precautions: If you do not follow these guidelines, your current symptoms may worsen or you may be more likely to experience side effects.

What you should not do:
Do not use on the following areas: eyes or around the eyes


1. Please consult a doctor, pharmacist before use, if you are:
- Receiving treatment from a doctor.
- Have allergic symptoms due to medicines, cosmetics, etc.

- Have severe dampness or sores in the affected area.
2. If the following symptoms appear after use, it may be a side effect, so please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered salesperson with this document. Symptoms Conditions:
Skin: Rash/redness, itching, irritation (burning sensation), swelling (swelling), dryness (tightness)

3. If your symptoms do not improve even after using this product for about a month, or if your symptoms do not improve after using this product in general. If your condition worsens, stop using the product and consult your doctor, pharmacist, or registered seller with this document.


How to use:

After washing your face with soap, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area. Can apply several times a day (if needed).
◇Precautions related to usage and dosage◇
(1) Use this agent only on areas with pimples and acne, and do not use on large surrounding areas.
(2) Be careful not to get it in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, immediately wash it with water or lukewarm water. If the symptoms are severe, please consult an ophthalmologist.
(3) When allowing children to use this product, please use it under the guidance and supervision of their guardians.
(4) Please use this agent for external use only.



Active ingredients: Ibuprofen piconol (IPPN) 3.0%, Isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP) 0.3% in 1g

Additive: stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, edetate sodium, paraben, diisopropanolamine, octyldodecanol, 1,3-butylene glycol, carboxyvinyl polymer, and fragrance as additives.


Shelf life: 8 months

Made in Japan

Expected to be shipped out within 15 business days

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